Friday, March 30, 2012

Just In Time for Spring

We FINALLY have landscaping! This was the biggest problem of the entire building process. Long story short-I decided not to use my builder's landscaper and go with another landscaper that was highly recommended. BIG MISTAKE! Lots of money later......and STILL no plants??? Finally, we decided to do it ourselves because we were tired of looking at empty beds and our time period for planting was getting shorter. My friend Glenda helped me decide what plants we should buy and where to put them. That was a HUGE help because gardening is not my thing! And then, our neighbor James who owns a nursery delivered all the plants. :) After all the hard work of my WONDERFUL husband and son, this is the final product.

Look at my sweet boy!

And my other sweet boy :)

P.S. I helped by "directing" and retrieving beverages :)