Friday, January 13, 2012

Finish This House So I Can Sleep!

I have turned into an insomniac and it's driving me CRAZY! I've always been a night owl, but this is for the birds. I literally toss and turn until at least 2 am-this has been going on ALL week. I obsess over house stuff and my brain won't go to sleep. I unpack in my mind every, what am I going to put in my huge laundry room closet??? (Of course, I had time to figure it out-seasonal decorations! And in my anal-retentive fashion, one season per shelf. Labeled, of course!) Which cabinets are all the dishes/pots/plates going in??? Last night's obsession was what to do with the space above the range??

The ceilings are 12 ft. and I need something to fill this space and not make this beam seem so squatty?? So, I decided to add some sconces for interest and dimension. These are my top picks.

Kinda like these designs:

Now, back to the house to measure and talk to the electrician. :)

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