Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The house is coming along, but not much to show you because most are still works in progress. Hopefully, the plumbers should be there any day??? I know.....plumbing is boring! But, I think it can definitely help or hurt the overall look of a bathroom. So, like everything else I OBSESSED over the right sink/tub/faucet, etc. Just thought I'd share some of my choices. If you notice, ALL of the fixtures have very hard angles-no round or oval shapes here. All rectangles and squares in this house. All of my plumbing supplies came from LCR Plumbing Warehouse. Thanks for your help, Stacey!

Master Bathroom:

Keegan's bathroom:

This is the inspiration for his bathroom:

Here's the work in progress:

I used a mosaic wood tile for the counter top made by Sydney Glasstiles which was supplied by the amazing Reagan at The Floor Store of Acadiana. Now, we're just waiting for the tile to be grouted and the sink/faucet to be installed.

Oh, and that piece of wood under the counter top is just for support while it dries. :)

Here's the sink that I can't wait to see in person!

Guest Bathroom:

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