Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pinterest, Anyone?

It's been great having Pinterest to inspire my house designs, as well as a place to manage all things found while browsing the Internet for hours a day. No more tearing pages out of design magazines. So, you can follow me here or just look at a few of my inspirations below.

The overall architecture of the house reminds me of these designs:

Finally, my architect, Edson L. Davis had pre-designed house plans which were then customized to meet both my functional and aesthetic wants/needs. The house design reminds me of those throughout Alys Beach on Florida's Gulf Coast. Oh, and FYI....Edson rocks!


  1. Love that you have your own blog! I am a constant lurker on a lot of your favorite blogs! Good luck and I can't wait to follow along!

  2. Thanks, Kelli! I've been a lurker for years and decided just to put it out there. It's been a fun process just to be able to document the entire building process. If nothing else, the blog is just for my own benefit :) Hope you continue to follow along!